Your Questions Answered

RS Are Rational Spirits atheists?

    Heavens no! As we see it, there is a matrix of consciousness underlying and energizing the entirety of existence. Using the term "God" to refer to this aware network is just as valid as applying it to any other creative force one might imagine, anthropomorphic or otherwise.

RS  Is Rational Spiritism a Christian organization?

    If "Christian" means dedicated to love, forgiveness, charity, and treating others as you wish to be treated, then yes. If it refers to those who listen to the urgings of their God-given conscience (aka their "Christ Spirit" or "Holy Ghost," then yes, we are. If, however, the term signifies someone who thinks that the very act of accepting Jesus as their savior magically absolves them of the consequences of a lifetime of sin, then no, absolutely not.
     Rational Spirits honor the legacy of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) as an insightful teacher who helped make profound changes in the way humans relate to each other and to their Creator. Yet, the myths that have grown up around him over the centuries have served mainly to benefit the powerful and oppress the rest of us.
    We think of Rational Spiritism as Pure Christianity, founded on the principles and teachings of Jesus without the politicking of priests and the profiteering of politicians.

RS How does Rational Spiritism differ from Spiritualism?

    Spiritualism is a religion whose primary focus in on communicating with discarnate entities. A typical Spiritualist church service consists of prayers and singing followed by the pastor or another medium giving messages from discarnates to various members of the congregation. While Rational Spiritism is largely founded on the teachings and revelations of wise spirits, and recognizes the possibility and usefulness of continued spirit contacts, our focus is on the life being lived by our Earthbound members.

RS In what ways is Rational Spiritism different from the major western religions?

See Table below.

RS Does the God/matrix answer prayers?

    Affirmations have causative power. Begging and pleading affirm negative conditions. As a part of the creative matrix, it is wise to be careful what you focus on.
    The spirits that watch over you (call them "angels" if you prefer) sometimes may have influence over events in your life.

Comparison of Religions

Topic Rational Spiritism Abrahamic Religions*
Desired Government Constitutional Republic Monarchy / Theocracy
Desired Religion individual choice government mandated
Salvation none required follow rules and declare belief
The Physical World God’s playground diabolical obstacle course
Gender Equality all have equal value and rights women defer to men
Gender Identity of no concern non-straights go to hell
Our Bodies vehicles for exploration filthy tempters
Sexuality promotes intimacy and pleasure the devil’s tool
Reducing Abortions via sex ed. and birth control punish all involved
Heaven continued opportunities boring adulation
Hell self-imposed, temporary condemned, eternal
Rebirth many times (for most) only one chance
Spirit Contact encouraged if desired prohibited
Organization supportive network repressive bureaucracy
Requirements curiosity, reason, open mind faith, belief, acquiescence
Basis research, facts, experience myths, rationalizations, hearsay
History new, rooted in last few centuries ancient, tyrannical, bloody
Benefits freedom, life-enhancing self-justification, social status
Detriments not yet popular subjugated, impoverished
Cost donations donations, tithes, tax breaks
God Conscious Matrix Overbearing Father

*The Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There is some variation among their various branches and sects, so all of the listed characteristics may not apply to every instance. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Spiritualists are all Christians, although wildly different.